How to Start a Profitable Computer Scrap Recycling Business?

How to Start a Profitable Computer Scrap Recycling Business?

There’s a new kind of waste in town, and it won’t be long until it becomes the next big source of pollution. ‘Electronic waste’ or ‘e-waste’ mainly comes from household appliances and electronics, and recycling them properly can help save the environment. Computer scrap recycling can help reduce the impact of e-waste, and it’s certainly worth looking into if you’re in search of a new business opportunity!

Are you looking to start a computer scrap recycling business to make money while helping the environment? There’s profit to be made from managing e-waste.

  1. Partnering up with reliable computer scrap suppliers is the first step. The best thing about e-waste recycling is that you don’t have to gather the waste yourself. There are many computer scrap suppliers in the country, providing everything from ABS plastic to ABS regrind. You can’t go wrong with a computer scrap supplier that takes pride in protecting the environment and offers the highest quality customer service.
  2. Once you have a supplier, it’s time to determine your focus. It’s crucial to know your limits especially if you’re starting small. You can’t possibly recycle every single computer product available. Instead, focus on a few parts and accessories to gain an initial profit. For instance, think about starting with computer monitor recycling. You can remove its cathode ray tube and sell it separately, plus it has several precious metals that can be recovered and sold individually.
  3. Next, it’s time to set up your facilities. Recycling businesses require on-site facilities to function. This includes enough space for recycling, as well as storage rooms, shredders, and magnets for separation.


  5. Work with experts. Be sure to hire the right people to manage and implement your recycling process. Engineers and technicians with previous experience are your best bet; however, you can also opt for new trainees if resources are available.

It’s also important to keep educating yourself about new regulations that affect the computer scrap recycling business. Meet with recycling associations and agencies in your state to stay on top of industry trends and outlooks in your area. It’s a good idea to subscribe to leading industry publications and join professional associations to get access to training materials, news, and other resources that can help you grow your computer scrap recycling business!