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About Scraps Industries, Inc.

We specialize in trading and exporting various grades of Metal, plastic and paper scrap. Scraps Industries, Inc. trades and sources materials from local and reliable vendors and we make sure it meets with the best quality for our clients in various part of the world. We provide a comprehensive service to our entire customer with competitive prices and just in time to meet our customers’ demands. At our state-of-the-art site, we have highly experienced and qualified staff that pays attention to detail, and follow strict guidelines for ensuring the adherence to rules and procedures set out by the highest bodies. Also, we have the latest packaging and distribution means to carry out the safe transit of consignments. As part of the ever expanding recycling companies around the world, one of our key strengths lies in our understanding of the needs of our valued customers. Whether it’s to do with our provision of flexible payments to help our customers, or in our innovative approach we enhance supplier value. At Scraps Industries, Inc. we believe in building long-term partnerships. Service levels, integrity, commitment, and timely delivery are the foundation of our business strategy, which has enabled our company to grow and explore new opportunities, thereby providing a win-win relationship with our overseas clients and local suppliers.

We pay prime focus towards offering utmost satisfaction to our clients all across world. We source our materials from the most reliable vendors in town so as to ensure high quality of the products we offer to our clients from all around the globe. Whether you are new to the recycling business or have been recycling for years, we offer our consulting services to assist you in optimizing your reclamation processes. Our staff has assisted many clients with floor space, baling and storage issues to name a few. We recently helped a waste paper client recover loose plastic packaging waste that was going to the land fill, increasing their recycling volume and reducing disposing costs.


We have extensive experience in assisting both small and large corporations with their recycling programs. Our mission statement follows business principles which enable profitability and growth for our customers. We embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through our investing and operating activities on the environment, our neighbors, our customers, our employees, and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders, and we realize that how we approach every aspect of our corporate responsibilities has a meaningful effect on our ability to be successful over the long term.


Our driving purpose is protecting the environment. Our recycling program keeps millions of pounds of unwanted items out of the landfills by reusing them or transforming them instead into other usable products. These efforts save countless gallons of water & fuel as well as stop the release of millions of pounds of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We saw the opportunity for improved sustainability early in our company’s history and aligned our objectives with how we envisioned the future. We continue to invest in advanced technologies to help us achieve cleaner materials processing.


Nature of Business Exporter & Supplier


Number of Employees 200


Annual Turnover 3 Million USD

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